Since 2007, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center has been cooperating with the Azerbaijan International Commercial Arbitration Court, and information is regularly exchanged between them.

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Center was established in 1985 to organize arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution. The Center was established by a group of leading businessmen and professionals. The headquarters of the center was chosen as the city of Hong Kong, which has a great reputation in the Asian region. Although funded by the business community and the Government of Hong Kong, the Center is an arbitral tribunal that is completely independent, independent and has its own financial budget.

The general management of the center is carried out by the Council. The Council is made up of professionals with extensive experience who are citizens of different countries. The arbitration activities of the Center are managed by the Council through the Secretary General of the Center. The Secretary General is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Center and maintains the registration of this body. Christopher To, Secretary General of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, expressed his sincere congratulations on the 5th anniversary of BKAM and the reorganization of the Azerbaijan Arbitration and Mediation Center (AAMM). has mobilized its efforts for. BKAM's initiatives have expanded the promotion of arbitration for commercial disputes in the region.

We hope that AAMM, which is a successful start, will play an important role in developing a strategy for the development of alternative dispute resolution in Azerbaijan, organizing international arbitration conferences, as well as expanding international relations.

We wish BKAM and AAMM every success in the years to come. The joint activities of these bodies with the Azerbaijani courts will support the development of alternative dispute resolution in the region. ”